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Vegan, gluten-free? Tips for safe and tasty trips

There are also vegan bed and breakfasts popping up near the sanctuary and elsewhere whose owners serve only vegan food and don’t use any animal products (like soaps) at their establishments.

The Red Robin Song Guest House, on the New York state side of the Berkshires, serves a vegan breakfast that can fool the doubters, says co-owner Lisa Robinson-Redd, who started the business a year ago with her husband, Jeff.

“We saw the guesthouse as an opportunity to educate people about the advantages of a vegan diet,” says Robinson-Redd.

“About half of our guests aren’t vegan. They’re just looking for a place to stay for weddings, conferences, skiing (or other events). They’re generally surprised at how delicious our breakfasts are. If we didn’t say a word, I think they wouldn’t know.”

Red Robin Song Guest House: Vegan B&B in New Lebanon

“The Jeff and Lisa say that guest do not have to be vegan to stay their establishment, they just need a love of nature, New York State and animals! The two ponds on the property are thriving with frogs, salamanders and fish. Along with the goats and chickens and hens, there are also four cats on the property and one dog, Ivy, a labradoodle that was rescued from a poodle rescue organization.”

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